"One mile behind Portico di Romagna you can see a place called Inferno by the villagers, where the earth is black and dusty and a flame of fire emerges from a 4-foot hole. Here the earth flares up like a match and burns out the wood you put on it.
(Leandro Albert, 1588).

Because the burning and never extinguishing fire of the Vulcano has captivated us, we visit this place whenever we stay in the partner region. As we are passionate about our partnership, there was no doubt about the name our espresso will be given.

Vulcano - a powerful and intense espresso is a blend of rare Robusta beans and Arabica coffee from India and Oceania. The taste captivates with its bitter chocolate note and a fine crema, combined with soft sweetness.

Castello and Vulcano embody Italian coffee enjoyment, bringing the dolce vita to the Rhön in a harmonious way and thus expressing further ties to Hofbieber and Italy.

The two coffee varieties Castello and Vulcano are available exclusively at the Piazza Unione Montana Acquacheta in the EDEKA market Fleck, Morleser Straße 11, in 36145 Hofbieber.

We would like to thank the owner André Fleck, who will donate 1€ of every kilo of coffee sold to the Freundeskreis Italien e.V.