Winner of the competition "My Honorary Office. My moment" 2021

Freundeskreis Italien ist Wochengewinner beim Wettbewerb "Mein Ehrenamt. Mein Moment"

Since 2008, we have been doing voluntary work to promote peaceful and friendly coexistence, especially between the municipality of Hofbieber in the Rhön region and the Italian municipal union Unione Montana Acquacheta in Emilia Romagna.

The competition of the Hessian state government honours citizens in Hesse who, through their voluntary commitment in a wide variety of areas, ensure that society becomes a community. In this way, they actively contribute to the success of togetherness.

With the contribution of the story "Solidarity Action for Italy", the commitment of the Freundeskreis Italien was selected by the jury and awarded a prize. In recognition of this, the amount of € 500.00 was transferred to us as the winner in 2021 in calendar week 5.