Winner of the competition "My Honorary Office. My moment" 2021

Freundeskreis Italien ist Wochengewinner beim Wettbewerb "Mein Ehrenamt. Mein Moment"

Since 2008, we have been doing voluntary work to promote peaceful and friendly coexistence, especially between the municipality of Hofbieber in the Rhön region and the Italian municipal union Unione Montana Acquacheta in Emilia Romagna.

With voluntary commitment - be active and win

Mit ehrenamtlichem Engagement - aktiv sein und gewinnen

With great joy and even more fun during the photo shooting, the Freundeskreis Italien e.V. took part in the photo competition "Your voluntary work is a matter of the heart" and has now been awarded as the weekly winner in week 5 (28.01.-03.02.2019).