Thank you for your interest in us.


Since 08.03.2006 we in the community of Hofbieber have been twinned with the Unione Montana Acquacheta, a connection that is lived with heart and soul on both sides.


The state of Hesse has maintained a partnership with Emilia Romagna since 1992. Numerous connections between towns, communities and districts have been established there.  The municipality of Hofbieber has a special role to play here, as it is in lively exchange with the Italian association of municipalities consisting of the five towns: Modigliana, Tredozio, Rocca San Casciano, Dovadola and Portico e San Benedetto.


In order to bring the people of the two regions closer together, the municipal support association Freundeskreis Italien was founded. Since 05.09.2008, numerous members and lovers of Italy have been working together in this spirit for a peaceful coexistence.


Our mission is to promote international awareness, understanding and tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding between the citizens of Hofbieber and the citizens of the Unione Montana Acquacheta.


Through the desire to learn from each other and to be open to new things, numerous friendships have developed from the partnership connections.


The lively German-Italian municipal partnership is surrounded by a wide range of projects, information and numerous events. At the beginning we started with a senior volunteer exchange project, made youth meetings possible, brought photographs to Italy and brought Italian art to the Rhön.  Currently we have created a joint cookbook with our Italian friends. The bilingual book "Zu Gast bei Freunden... die Küche unserer Region" (Visiting friends... the cuisine of our region) even crowned our intensive cooperation with an award at the Cookbook Award.


So we always have ideas... we are in permanent exchange with the Unione Montana Acquacheta. Whether it's exhibitions, language courses, cinema evenings, theme-related partnership parties, pasta courses and cooking evenings or exchange projects - there's always something going on in the municipality of Hofbieber when it comes to Italy!


Do you already know our delicious partnership wine "Vino ufficiale del gemellaggio "? It is bottled especially for us at the Cantina Intesa in Modigliana.


See for yourself. Join us without any obligation, or get actively involved right away, we are all looking forward to meeting you!


Your Freundeskreis Italien e.V.