Hofbieber - Unione Montana Acquacheta

Welcome - Welcome to the municipality of Hofbieber


The municipality of Hofbieber with its 16 villages is a liveable and lovable residential community for all fellow citizens. You will find a multitude of local recreational opportunities right on your doorstep.


The rich offer of clubs: sports, leisure and cultural activities contribute to the quality of life. In addition, we offer our guests a unique landscape, interesting recreational opportunities, plenty of variety and impressive experiences.


If you need further information or have any questions, we are at your disposal with the entire municipal administration.


We maintain a town twinning with the Unione Montana Acquacheta in Emilia Romagna. The partnership was signed on 8 September 2006 in the Hofbieber community centre.


With the founding of the community support association Freundeskreis Italien e.V. on 05.09.2008, the partnership has continued to develop. Through civic engagement and activities in the fields of art, culture and sport, exchange projects, joint exhibitions and numerous citizens' meetings, this connection has become more and more solidified and is lived out vividly by both regions.


We cordially invite you to convince yourself of the vitality and sustainability of our community.




Kind regards from the Rhön


Markus Röder, Mayor



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